Whom Should I Collaborate With?

Choose collaborators who:

♦   Have diverse talents and skills.
♦   Bring new perspectives.
♦   Can think beyond self and think of the higher goal.
♦   Show the ability to choose a role or tasks and follow through.
♦   Are committed to the work.
♦   Are honest and tactful.
♦   Are flexible, can go with the flow and shift their thinking.
♦   Choose to be in the collaboration and are accessible.
♦   Are open to possibilities.
♦   Will make time and space for the collaboration.
♦   Have a tolerance for uncertainty.
♦   Share your values in relation to the work to be done. For example, you and your collaborators may usually be competitors and yet you have a reason to come together around a particular goal.
♦   Have a track record from serving on a board or committee with you, when possible. You’ll have a sense of how they think and whether they deliver on promises.

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