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About Debra Exner


Debra Exner brings people hope and confidence —  that they can make their work a meaningful and rewarding experience to the benefit of all. Her inviting and energizing style opens people’s minds to new learning and the development of new skills. Debra brings over 20 years of experience in building cohesive high performing teams, a culture of innovation and communicative networks resulting in higher levels of engagement, service and profitability. She collaborates with colleagues and clients to maximize effectiveness and increase creativity. Debra is Past-President of the National Speakers Association-Arizona and the Phoenix International Coach Federation Chapter.

Debbie lives with her husband in Phoenix, AZ, and has two grown sons, daughters-in-law and a grandson living in New Jersey and Hong Kong. She is also a bassist with the Musica Nova Orchestra and the Arizona ProArte Ensemble.

Contact Info:
Phone:   602-298-1129
E-mail: info@ExnerAssociates.com
Website: ExnerAssociates.com 

About Maddie Hunter

MaddieMaddie Hunter founded Hunter Unlimited, Inc., a leadership, business and personal development consulting practice based in New Jersey. An organizational and leadership coach and consultant for more than 20 years, Maddie has deep insight about how to guide clients to gain clarity about who they are, what they stand for and how to move towards their goals. She helps her clients to form the collaborations they need for productive and enjoyable lives. Her expertise in coaching, leadership development, and facilitation was honed in her role as Team Effectiveness and Leadership Consultant at AT&T Bell Laboratories.  Currently, Maddie’s clients are predominantly in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Maddie and hre life partner Ames Nelson live in Ossining, NY and she has a son Will living in NYC. She is a long-time journal keeper and enjoys creative writing with a women’s writing circle, Writers of Metuchen.   

Contact Info:
Phone:   732-549-7981
E-mail: Maddie@HunterUnlimited.com
Website: HunterUnlimited.com

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