The Payoff


♦   Incredible outcomes.
♦   Connection. Visibility to others within and outside of your community where they see you as a valuable resource.
♦   Stress reduction. A good collaboration can accomplish a lot with less individual effort.
♦   Innovation. Many of the most innovative companies have gone to great lengths to foster collaborative work environments because they lead to innovation.
♦   Leverage talents. Multiple minds together are better than the sum of the parts.
♦   A dynamic environment of support and challenge, advocacy, efficiency, discovery, and diversity.
♦   Rapid rate of learning and enlightenment.
♦   Affirmation of your skills and contribution.
♦   Sustainability. Collaboration creates the likelihood that your efforts go beyond your involvement.
♦   Increased energy, excitement, creativity, fresh thinking and motivation.
♦   Accountability. Individuals in collaborative groups learn to take ownership rather than passively exist within a community.

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