Monthly Archives: June 2010

Collaboration takes discipline

It’s been quite a while since I have written a blog post.  This isn’t good news when I think about the fact that one of the reasons  Debbie and I are blogging is to give us a way to collect our thinking on collaboration for our forth-coming book.  You see…I just wrote it…..”our forthcoming book”.  How will our book be forthcoming if we don’t write?

Yesterday we both took turns offering encouragement to one another.

“Our book will come when we’re ready. Great ones take time.”

“You’ve been traveling for business for weeks now.  How could you write with that distraction?

“We need to stop feeling guilty each time one of our colleagues has a book launch party.”

Despite wrestling with these demons of our own expectations of ourselves, our tendencies towards perfectionism and our impatience with our process, pretty quickly we came back to the need to re-commit to our practice of writing.

From flickr's wavemusicstudio

Debbie mentioned that when we each committed to writing  one post per week we did pretty well.  Little steps….one step at a time..bite-sized pieces….all these methods to move forward towards our book goal.

So we’re back to practicing what has worked for us.  We will be writing more regularly now so stay tuned for more.   Thanks for staying with us!

Coming soon – a story of a film shoot where I got to be the star and a collaborator.