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Blogathon: Collaboration to Get It Done!

Another great benefit to collaboration is that it can be used to create accountability to others and actually get something done! I have done this numerous times, developing course materials on a topic of interest that I’d been thinking “Someday I’ll…” With others, suddenly someday comes.

I hope you’ll join us and our fellow Blogathoners — all from Arizona except for my co-collaborator Maddie in NJ. We are participating in a Blogathon assembled by my National Speakers Association buddy Jackie Dishner. She organized one of these in the past — when a blog was just a gleam in my eye — and now the time is right for us to participate.

The plan is that we commit to post often — possibly even every day — for the month of January. We’ve also agreed to visit and comment each other’s blogs and include the links on our own blogs (see the list below). We’re anxious to get started, and looking forward to developing our blogging habit as well as reading and learning from each other.

When have you used collaboration for accountability? Did it work?

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We feel honored to be collaborating with such a varied and knowledgeable bunch of colleagues. We wish you a fun, successful and collaborative new year!