Promises, Promises: How Collaboration Helps Strangers Meet Goals Part 1

Guest blogger Ben Wood-Isenberg collaborates as naturally as other people breathe. I was delighted to be involved in his program Promise Partners and asked him to write a few blog posts on it. I hope you enjoy his energy and enthusiasm as much as I do.  Debbie

Ben creates the conditions for positive change that help people and organizations accomplish their hopes and dreams. He is a new addition to Wholonomy Consulting llc, having recently graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Global Studies.Ben has worked with a variety of organizations across the state of Arizona providing training and curriculum development, community building workshops, facilitated community discussions, and system-wide change processes. In this capacity, Ben utilizes the approaches of Appreciative Inquiry, Technology of Participation, World Café, and Open Space Technology.

Collaboration always opens new doors and unexpected possibilities. It was barely two months ago that I was sitting in an office with a friend of mine who told me that she was about to start a new job but was unsure of how to stay present in the job she had. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: “Well, what do you have to do?”
Her: She listed a litany of jobs and ended with, “and most important I have to do this presentation.”
Me: “By when?”
Her: “By tomorrow.”
Me: “OK, when do you want to get it done by?”
Her: 9 tonight
Me: “OK expect a call from me then”

As I walked out of the office, I thought to myself, what if we could live in a world where we could do everything we dreamed because there was a person supporting us. I called her at 9 and she’d completed the report. From this call sprung the project of Promise Partners, a program to bring together people to support each other in areas of life that would make the biggest difference for them.

Getting from that call to the pilot group itself was a process that embodied much growth and collaboration. In the process, I realized quite a few things about community, collaboration and working with others which I’ll share in tomorrow’s post.

Has a simple phone call ever helped you to accomplish something important?


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