Collaboration, Commitment, Renewal, Habit and Accountability

Sometimes collaboration alone is not enough to get something done. For example, to get our blog started, Maddie and I collaborated. We posted twice and then 2 months went by.  Hmmm… that wasn’ t working.

We made a commitment to blog twice a week — I’d take the beginning of  the week and Maddie would take the end. Gwyn Nichols also weighed in with ideas and encouragement. We were going along well for awhile and then life got busier. We had 8-day, 13-day and 11-day gaps. Then no posts in December. Yikes!

Thanks to Rob Cottingham for permission to use his terrific cartoon. Check out

So when Jackie Dishner offered the National Speakers Association AZ Chapter Blogathon we jumped on board. We committed to posting and visiting regularly, daily if possible. Now we had Jackie cheering us on and offering ideas as well as our blogathon buddies visiting and posting comments. How encouraging!

Even then, it took awhile to establish a habit. The accountability to others helped us to stick with it long enough and I’m happy to say that we’ve now accomplished 8 days in a row! We’re still committed to writing daily though we may focus on our book and not post quite as often.

What habit do you want to establish? How can collaboration, commitment, renewal, and accountability get you through to the habit?



One response to “Collaboration, Commitment, Renewal, Habit and Accountability

  1. I find collaborative efforts really help my progress. So I actively seek them out, though I really never thought about it this way till I started reading your blog. Now I can’t get the word out of my head! LOL

    I frequently participate in group events to stay motivated and maintain positive productive habits. A Blogathon, for instance, always helps me stay focused on the blog. It helps me to cheer you all on., because, at the same time, I’m cheering on myself as well.

    But since this collaborative effort is ending, I’ve now taken up a new collaboration: I’m in a pitching contest with other writers. We have 10 teams of 10 writers competing for the most points after 8 weeks of constant pitching. We get one point for each idea we pitch to an editor or potential client and 3 points for each assignment. My team finished out Week One with well more than 150 points, so that’s a lot of pitching. I myself added 22 points for Team 6. It’s a great way to stay focused on marketing ourselves in order to stay in business. Not only is it fun, but it also helps us writers all accomplish our business goals. For that reason and more, I do like collaboration.

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