15 things I love about collaboration

Here are 15 things I love about collaboration.

  1. I get to feel surprise when my collaborators offer new twists on a thought.  I feel so alive when I’m surprised!
  2. Collaboration is often lots of fun.
  3. It heightens my sense of belonging.  I get to matter to someone else.  Collaboration can be an antidote for loneliness!
  4. Collaborating increases my sense of accountability to get things done.  I am motivated to not let others down.
  5. Collaboration brings talents and skills my way that really help to offset where I’m not particulary motivated or strong.
  6. Things can be messy in a collaboration as ideas expand and build.  Messiness is a path to creativity for me. I enjoy the time of not knowing  -when the mix of ideas is swimming around – before a sure path emerges. Check out Keith Sawyer’s book called Group Genius to read more on what power there is in this mess!
  7. Collaboration reminds me that my way to do things isn’t the only one.  I get new lenses to look through by collaborating.
  8. It is a source of efficiency. I can get more done than when I’m on my own.  I think there is something about shared accountability for a success that increases my productivity.
  9. It increases the opportunity for acknowledgment.  There is never too much affirmation these days.  Being validated helps to build energy and creativity.
  10. When I collaborate the times of being stuck are few and far between.  Collaborators often say when something is uncertain or stalled, add another person in the mix.  That often re-engages momentum!
  11. It’s like a non-stop laboratory for cooking up new things.  The atmosphere of testing and trying out new perspectives is so rich!
  12. Work seems so much easier and less effortful in a collaboration that really works.
  13. When I’m in a successful collaboration,  my faith in the generosity of spirit of people gets renewed.
  14. Collaboration gives me an opportunity to offer my ideas and thoughts to someone else.  Giving things away is such a satisfying experience!
  15. And I’ve saved the best for last…Collaboration led me to Debbie Exner – I love this woman – an expert collaborator!


4 responses to “15 things I love about collaboration

  1. Thanks Maddie. I feel the same way!

    Thanks to Jackie Dishner, our blogathon master mind, for suggesting such a fun blog topic.

  2. So many good things about collaboration! This has helped me change my perspective and see the benefits. It also made me think about when I have or have not collaborated – and realize that I want to find more collaboration opportunities – a new goal for 2010! Thanks! :o)

  3. Kate, Fantastic! That’s just what we hope to inspire.

    Be sure to check back tomorrow for an inspiration about how to collaborate with Puggy (her pug dog pal). I’ve made my first attempt to queue up a blog post in advance. If you can’t stand the curiosity, check out our blogathon partners and see if you can find the story.


  4. This is a great list. #4 and #5 are particularly true for me. Love #11 because I hadn’t thought about collaboration in that way before. And #13 is very sweet, as is the last. I love, Debbie, too! She’s been a collaborator to me before (remember you letting me use your scanner) and I hadn’t even thought about it that way. Collaboration is all around us.

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