Overwhelmed with information? Collaboration is a solution!

At a December ICF conference in Orlando,  I noticed a number of attendees wearing buttons that designated them as “Conference Twitterers”.   One woman who sat next to me in one  session typed fast enough to post most of the key messages the presenter offered during the 90 minute program.  I was incredulous.  Who was really going to be reading these tweets?  If there were tweets being written in each of the scores of sessions, who would really have the time to plug into their messages? I am trying to find a way to be stay current with all of this social media but I keep coming up against a sense of overwhelm when even thinking about it.  What do I take the time to read?  How do I know which entries will be of use?  How do I get myself organized so that I’m not getting lost in the volume of possibilities?

In his article,   Why Twitter Will Endure, New York Times writer David Carr suggests we consider Twitter as a river of data flowing past us and that we can dip a cup into it now and again for a drink.  Sampling the river can be enough.  The trick is to build a sample where you can start drinking.  I’m discovering that collaboration can be a way to create this sample.  The NSA blogathon which Jackie Dishner has initiated gives a place to start.  Sometimes having a clear idea of where to start and others as companions for the experience are all we need to jump into a new territory.  Already I’m feeling less overwhelmed.



7 responses to “Overwhelmed with information? Collaboration is a solution!

  1. This is a great way to think about information overload, Debbie. And I’m so glad you’re feeling less overwhelmed. I surely felt that way when I first plunged in. I’ve learned to move at my own pace. I don’t always understand everything that’s out there, but I adapt. The Blogathon is a great way to push a bit harder, which I know I need to grow my social media networks even more.

    • Jackie, Maddie wrote the overwhelmed post and I was glad to realize that I wasn’t the one she was writing about creating so many tweets from one presentation . I did do that in the session on Positivity but couldn’t get connected to actually post so will tweet this week.

      I do agree with Maddie and am also feeling less overwhelmed. I think the blogathon is a perfect next step in our journey.

      Of course, our collaboration on the blog is a big help to cut the job down to manageable size. Guess we need to figure out how to indicate which of us has written each post!

  2. Debbie,
    I agree with the collaborative effects of the Blogathon and feeling less over-whelmed. I just thought I couldn’t keep up, but with a day-by-day approach, it’s more achievable. Also, I have been helped with the fellow bloggers sharing ideas, which Jackie has recently done for me, and it has helped alot.
    Happy New Year and Happy Blogathon!

    • Bonnie, I’m comforted by the idea that our goal is to increase our frequency rather than a requirement to daily posts. Given our recent track record (before the blogathon, that is) an increase shouldn’t be hard to accomplish, lol. Debbie

  3. Maddie, I couldn’t agree more about the potential to be dragged under by twitter. I keep my tweet deck open on a different monitor on my desk and I think of it as the hallway in my old office. When I wanted to engage with coworkers, I could venture out into the hallway or to the break room, but I had to get up and close my door when I needed to be in my own bubble. Twitter lets me have the same experience…when I want to engage (which is helpful to those of us who could feel isolated working at home) I do, and when I want to be free of the “flow” I don’t even have to get up and close my door!

  4. I LOVE that – “Twitter is a river”. That is the best explanation I’ve seen. And I am cut out for this Twitter thing. I’ve always wanted to be able to instantly share cool resources and information with people. This suits me just fine.

  5. I’m still overwhelmed! This is all so new to me and I feel that I can’t keep up. I’m just taking one step at a time.

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