Blogathon: Collaboration to Get It Done!

Another great benefit to collaboration is that it can be used to create accountability to others and actually get something done! I have done this numerous times, developing course materials on a topic of interest that I’d been thinking “Someday I’ll…” With others, suddenly someday comes.

I hope you’ll join us and our fellow Blogathoners — all from Arizona except for my co-collaborator Maddie in NJ. We are participating in a Blogathon assembled by my National Speakers Association buddy Jackie Dishner. She organized one of these in the past — when a blog was just a gleam in my eye — and now the time is right for us to participate.

The plan is that we commit to post often — possibly even every day — for the month of January. We’ve also agreed to visit and comment each other’s blogs and include the links on our own blogs (see the list below). We’re anxious to get started, and looking forward to developing our blogging habit as well as reading and learning from each other.

When have you used collaboration for accountability? Did it work?

We hope you’ll check back here often and take a look at these other blogs:


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We feel honored to be collaborating with such a varied and knowledgeable bunch of colleagues. We wish you a fun, successful and collaborative new year!


12 responses to “Blogathon: Collaboration to Get It Done!

  1. I hadn’t really thought I’d collaborated on much before, till I pulled in two other travel writers with me at the end of 2009 to work on promotional efforts for our travel guides. But you’ve made me realize we collaborate on more than we think. I hadn’t thought about the NSA-Arizona Blogathon as a collaboration, but of course it is. Thanks for opening my eyes, and thanks for being a part of this project. It’s a great start to the New Year.

    • Jackie, Maddie and I like to look for examples of people “collaborating as a way of life.” There is such richness out there if we can remember to utilize it. I think it’s especially important for those of us who work alone most of the time. It’s easy to get bogged down and let the important things slide. Thanks for getting us collaborating on this blogathon! Debbie

  2. For accountability, having a Productivity Day where everyone calls in on the hour and states intentions for the next hour. Continues for most of the day so that everyone can move forward with some tasks that may have been set aside for too long! That’s some virtual collaboration I’d say!

    • Suzanne, I’ve often thought of organizing such a day around cleaning and organizing my office. I could really use that kind of support to keep me from getting distracted from the task. Plus it would be fun to say “Has anyone found a good way to handle …” on the check in calls. Hmmm… Debbie

    • Wow! That’s a way to create a day of powerful performance. To do lists don’t stand a chance!

  3. Collaboration DOES pay off! In 2009 I was so fortunate to connect with like-minded professionals in areas that are closely related, but not exactly the same, as my own. Through lots of communication and brain storming we’ve come up with really fascinating ideas. I have christened 2010 as the year of collaborations!

    • Stephanie, You’ve brought up a good key to effective collaboration — watching for people who have some perspective or angle that is different than your own and can open up the flow of ideas in an alternate way. Have a terrific year of collaborations! Debbie

  4. I think collaboration is at the core of any healthy community. We go along far too much of the time thinking we could…or should…do it all alone. But the fact is, we are meant to be together allowing our synergism to take us to new and better places. Thank you, Debbie, for making this a focus of your own gifts. I’m delighted to participate in this collaborative effort with you and my fellow bloggers. Onward and upward, together!

  5. Debra, I learned about you from Mimi Meredith and I LOVE your theme of collaboration! It’s more than just networking or connection…it implies an additional suggestion of support and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Well done, and I look forward to following you and recommending you to my power-of-connection followers.

    • Elizabeth, I’m not sure how I missed replying to your message. Thanks for your encouragement. As you can see, we’re still developing the blogging habit and need all the help we can get! The good news is that we have a number of ideas lined up and just need to squeeze out the time to write them up.

  6. Mimi, I like what you said about to-do lists. They really don’t “do” it for me. Hosting a Productive Day, Suzanne, sounds like terrific idea. I’m very interested in this concept of “collaboration” and how to do it successfully, especially as I am doing it with two other travel guide writers, and we have so many projects we think we want to do together in 2010.

  7. Deb – great start to the blogathon year. This IS collaboration – our own mini-thinktank. Thanks for being a part of this. I’m looking forward to reading all your posts.

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