Fierce Determination

One of the reasons why I’m so intrigued with the power of collaboration is because I keep having to rediscover how valuable it is.  I just finished designing a workshop on coaching skills and although I was offered some encouragement and ideas from a friend or two, most of the creative work was done by myself sitting here in my home office. It’s true that these last couple of weeks have been unusally hectic for me with some family issues layered on top of an already full life.  However, I bet that makes me just like you —  except I’m the one pondering collaboration and working on a book about it!  How could this happen?  Well…..I know the answer.  It’s where my fierce determination meets up with my saying “Yes” to a few too many things.  On overload, I buckle down to survive what is expected and I tell myself  the lone-ranger routine is the only way I can get through.  It’s as if  I say to myself, “No more input, interactions or distractions now.  Just focus”!  This hyperdrive jettisons me right past any opportunity to connect with anyone else.

Fierce Determination

Fierce Determination

Many years ago my friend, Patti Kaufman, gifted me with one of her paintings called Fierce Determination. With her art, she honored my courage and fortitude in dealing with some of my life’s disappointments.  Yet, it is these same qualities that have also been at work creating some isolation for me in recent weeks.  So, I’m digging out some tips for collaboration to avoid stranding myself again this week.  What do you do when find yourself in a rut of working alone?


5 responses to “Fierce Determination

  1. Hallo, I am very pleased to read that post.
    The tips for collaboration are very good some of them appear idealistic. I am an idealist so I am very happy.
    But to Your question:
    Did You ever read about mindfulness? It deals with a whole attitude to life that helps in these situations.
    Sincerely Jelges

    • Jelges, Yes Maddie and I both use mindfulness practices as a tool. Maddie wrote the Fierce Determination post — I’m sure that she will reply as well.

      How do you use mindfulness in your own life?


  2. Hallo Debbie and others, I have enhanced senses. For example with my ears I can feel air pressure changes in my ears when for example listening to birds. It is like an air flow and sometimes even like touches going through my head sometimes down my spine. When I listen to music I always set very natural sounding settings otherwise my ears begin to brace. Also I am very touched when I look at people or when I listen to them there is so much background information in their communication so I need mindfulness to focus, to find my center and to work out.

    I dream of direct communication with someone.
    I got aware of the possibility with someone in my childhood who was playing a chaacter in a movie that I watched. I sensed this person psychologically very easy because he has the same facial movements and started to worry because I have seen that because of the business he was in (a child actor in hollywood) he did not have enough time to find a spirtual balance for himself. He has been my first experience at an age of 5 and without this experience I wouldn’t be mindful today so I made him to my brother that he will always be for me also because he is the most comforable and one of the finest experiences I have ever had. His wellbeining is a matter of heart for me still today. A few years ago it was possible to meet him in a public environment so I tried that direct communication and he brought me back into my childhood. But unfortunately he wasn’t mindful and I just rediscovered to be mindful at this time becuase being mindful was to much for me as a child. That’s why I put these abilities somewhere into my subconcious and told my subconcious to show me the way back when I can meet this person. I am now 27 years old and it needed the last few years to rediscover all of it. I am in contact with this man via email but there is no answer from him for a very long time now. He didn’t give me the opportunity to see him again in person. He is very much in coolness and my way of communication is brotherlike but very respectful. There is always a caring element in it. He has a public page and he did indirect reactions to my mails. I think my openess is uncommon to him. He now has a family but still hasn’t found his center and he seems to play with his abilities as far as he is aware of them.

    What do You think I can do for him?

  3. Are there no suggestions?

  4. Jelges, it sounds as if the person you write about is not in the same place as you are. Sometime the form of “fierce determination” that works the best is to let go of our reaching out when it is not desired by others. I wonder if you might try looking elsewhere for connection at this point. People who practice mindfulness can be found in many place – people who have already discovered its’ magic. If you are in the northeast, you could try taking a mindfulness workshop at Omega or Kripalu retreat centers. These places attract many like-minded people. Good luck, Jelges.

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